About the British Wado Federation

“I have been a member of, and been ripped off by, all the so-called ‘National Karate Governing Bodies’ within the UK from the letter A to the letter Z, Attended all the expensive unnecessary & totally irrelevant Coaching Courses & Programmes that have been available to attend; which then become superseded by the next set of expensive Coaching Courses organised by the next set of 3-lettered all-styles Karate NGB’s.”  Sound familiar?

In the UK alone we have been waiting over 50 years for a national governing body that could cater for the needs of all karate-ka and Karate styles in England… This has still not happened. And we feel that, due to the diverse nature of the many individual styles of karate involved, it will be very unlikely to ever happen. Additionally, to attempt in unifying tradition with sport, someone inevitably loses-out further down the line; it can only survive separately.

Some say many styles are similar and can ‘merge’ together in competition under one Governing Body. Do they expect Baseball and Rounders to compete together, under the same NGB, or even Basketball and Netball? Is Football and Rugby affiliated to the same National Governing Body? Is Judo and Wrestling affiliated to the same National Governing Body? Could they possibly work together effectively? Very unlikely!! So why do people expect differing martial-arts could ever possibly work together any better than the differing ball sports would?As Wado traditionalists, what benefits have we seen by being consistently part of (and paying ‘unnecessarily’ large amounts of money for) all-styles Governing Bodies that have very little in their constitutions for the traditionalists who just simply want to progress in their own style?

“Loyal to Style!”
The ONLY official National Alliance for all established Traditional and Autonomous Wado Karate Clubs and Groups, within the United Kingdom, under the European Wado Federation and International Wado Federation

The British Wado Federation… Inviting Wado organisations together within England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and all other parts of the British Isles, in mutual harmony.

The British Wado Federation does not recognise multi-style organisations as a way forward, as they generally have mixed political agendas and negative influences for single-style purists. Leave the nonsense behind and be loyal to your own style, not everyone else’s. Avoid the world’s ‘all-styles sport-karate’ politics. We will not let Wado perish and be broken up within a ‘generic’ multi-style environment.

“Follow your Style!”

The British Wado Federation caters for the needs of autonomous and/or independent Wado clubs/groups, within the United Kingdom, providing optional support, administration, grade progression, recognition, Wado competition opportunities, and traditional Wado karate training for all.

English Wado federations & organisations have certainly suffered from some of the worst political upheavals and conflicts within the past 60 years, or so, than most; and it certainly isn’t getting any better with the introduction of ‘All-Styles Sport-Karate’ governing bodies systematically restricting and breaking up world single styles in their path. However within the British Wado Federation we can only see a positive and optimistic environment that can allow Wado Associations to flourish, as they should, without restriction or bias towards the type of Wado practised by its members, well into to the future. The British Wado Federation does not ‘control’, we simply supply services and support for all who join us.

“Following Style not Politics!”

The British and International Wado Federations were formed in 2007, evolving from the already fully-established infrastructure of British Wadokai and the Alliance of International Wadoryu (AIWa), which were founded in 1976 and 1982 respectively. The British Wado Federation is a ‘neutral style-specific’ National Governing Body and NOT an ‘All-Styles’ or ‘Sport-Orientated’ Karate Governing Body, so we accept Wado members from all World Governing Bodies without discrimination or restriction.

“We Won’t Compromise Style for All-styles!”

There is no place for ‘sport politics’ in a single-style karate system, such as Wado, so therefore the British Wado Federation are not interested or involved with these types of affiliations. We do not believe in watering down or sacrificing our style by joining organisations that promote ‘all-styles’ unity for ‘generic agendas’.

The British Wado Federation is a non-profit/non-commercial Wado only Karate Governing Body, bringing together British & English Wado, Wadokai and Wadoryu karate associations and federations under one friendly roof.

“Support not Authority!”

British Wado Federation offers services, support, unity and an allegiance for all members – There is a dedicated committee running the affairs of the British Wado Federation so there will be no interference with the type of Wado Karate you practise.

Services available and provided by the British Wado Federation, if required, include access to Fully Comprehensive Licensing, which includes Public and Person to Person Liability Insurance, Child Protection Office/r, CRB Resources, Legal Advise, H&S Advice and Courses, generic Coaching Courses, Yudansha Registration, Grade Progression Facilities, Shiai-Gumite (Competition Sparring) Courses, Traditional Wado Courses and a Traditional Wado Competition each year, plus much more.