British Wado Federation is a Full Member of the International Wado Federation (IWF).

Conditions For Membership Acceptance

All Clubs/Groups must train in traditional Wadoryu Karate-do; or intend to do so within 12 months of application acceptance.

Wado Applicants must come from a ‘credible’ Wado source or lineage, for example (these examples are not exhaustive); Japan Karate Federation (JKF-Wadokai), Wado International Karate Federation, Wado Academy/Renmei, etc.

Wado Applicants must not already belong to another World/International Wado Governing Body, unless it is itself in membership of the IWF.

All applicants must agree to and abide by the BWF Rules and Regulations at all times.

Rules and Regulations of the British Wado Federation (valid from 1st January 2022)

Minimal Technical Requirements MUST include:

These minimum requirements must be followed throughout the entire membership of BWF and failure to follow the minimum technical requirements (within 12-months of accepted provisional membership), will result in exclusion from BWF.

Types of Membership

Allied Member

Fully Autonomous with own Constitution, Insurance, Operational & Administrational Policies and Syllabus, etc. IWF Affiliate Membership does not include insurance.

IWF Affiliate Application Form
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Associate Member

Fully Autonomous with own Constitution, Operational & Administrational Policies and Syllabus, etc. Associate members have full access to all BWF facilities.

BWF Membership, Registration & Insurance includes Individual, Public Liability & Person to Person Liability Insurance £10m. If you applied as an ‘Instructor’, this includes Instructor Liability Insurance (where applicable) for £10m. 

Cover is for all Wado Karate related activities organised within the UK membership of the British Wado Federation Governing Body. Cover does not include training elsewhere and does not allow the use of metal-bladed weapons.

BWF Associate Member Application Form
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BWF Licence Form
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You can now pay for your licence through our payment gateway – (this will open a third party form).