Welcome to the British Wado Karate Federation (Eikoku Wado Renmei)
The ​National Governing Body for Autonomous Wado Alliance


[Please note: The website www.britishwadofederation.co.uk is not owned or in anyway affiliated to the British Wado Federation.]


Proud to be British, Proud to be Wado, Proud to be British Wado Federation!


Fed up with the continual bickering politics of multi-style and/or sport-karate governing bodies?
Fed up with watching your fees disappear into a black-hole or even into committee members’ pockets?
Do you want to join a National Governing Body that only has interests in Wado Karate & Practitioners?
At the British Wado Federation you can keep your money and still run your own affairs!
Want an insurance package for your club/group that fully includes all your Instructors, and more?

British Wado Federation – Promoting and Inviting Autonomous, Independent and Associate Wado Karate Unity!

All our facilities are optional, so you can choose the facilities that you require at any time.
The British Wado Federation is NOT a Business

We do not take your money for joining – We do not take your money just for being in membership. ​You may not even need to leave an existing affiliation to join us!


“He who chases many rabbits, ends up catching none!” ​A Wado Organisation just for Wado Clubs & Groups…

“Loyal to Style!”

The ONLY official National Governing Body for all established Traditional and Fully Autonomous Wado Karate Clubs and Groups, within the United Kingdom, under the International Wado Federation.

The British Wado Federation… Inviting Wado organisations together within England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and all parts of the British Isles, in mutual harmony.

The British Wado Federation does not recognise multi-style organisations as a way forward, as they generally have mixed political agendas and negative influences for single-style purists. Leave the nonsense behind and be loyal to your own style, not everyone else’s. Avoid the world’s ‘all-styles sport-karate’ politics. We will not let Wado perish and be broken up within a ‘generic’ multi-style environment.

The British Wado Federation is recognised as the only official Governing Body for British and British-based Wado Karate by the International Wado Federation. The British Wado Federation is NOT a Limited Company or a commercially motivated organisation, so (unlike other ‘governing bodies’) does not rely on ‘profit’ or membership fees to exist.
The British Wado Federation DO NOT charge for affiliation membership, just for any optional facilities being used. 

“Member Groups can take advantage of as much or as little as they wish!”

So, if you are at least a 1st Dan, of 18 years or over, and teach Wado Karate at your own club or group, you may like to consider the British Wado Federation as the next step upon the ‘Wado’ ladder.

“Purely Wado for Wado Purists!”

Why aren’t all National Karate Governing Bodies free to join? Ours is – You just pay for the services you use! 

One day all Governing Bodies will be as good as ours!”

The British Wado Federation is directly affiliated to the International Wado Federation. The International Wado Federation is the only union for all established individual, autonomous and/or independent Wado Karate Schools, Groups and Associations around the World.

International Wado Federation. iwf-karate.org



We can offer ‘Full’ or ‘Associate’ membership to all Wado groups wishing to affiliate to a ‘Wado only’ National Governing Body. So, whether you want ‘direct’ or ‘autonomous’ facilities we can help and support you all the way.

Train in pure Wado.
​”Ohtsuka Sensei says that if Wado Karate was a soup, then the Karate part of Wado would just be like a pinch of salt!”
​Yoshihiko Iwasaki.
Compete in pure Wado.
​”Modern all-styles karate competition tends to transform Wadō-ryū away from its roots and towards a new ‘generic’ karate that appeals more to the demands of both spectators and competitors.” Wikipedia.
The British Wado Federation is not a member of any ‘multi-style’ affiliations or organisations, as we do not follow or support ‘generic sport-karate’.

No ‘sport’, no ‘all-styles’, no ‘catch’, just pure Wado!
To preserve both the traditional development and the evolution of Wado Karate-Jujutsu. We strive to accomplish this in an environment free of intimidation, politics, and other negative distractions and influences. We further seek to foster a spirit of fellowship and understanding by welcoming all like-minded individuals, regardless of race, ethnic background, national origin, or physical handicap.

British Wado Federation. Established in February 2007 with foundations dating back to 1963.