Child Protection and Safeguarding

Details of our Child Protection policy and related information can be found on the Child Protection page.


Licence Applications

Licensing and payment can now be done through our Wado Portal – (this will open a third party form).


A BWF Licence (UK only) Includes All Required Club, Student & Instructor Liability Insurances. 

New Student Licences must be obtained within 2-weeks of regular training and valid at all times whilst training at the Dojo.

Visitor Insurance Chit
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Licence Insurance Cover

BWF Membership, Registration & Insurance includes Individual, Public Liability & Person to Person Liability Insurance £10m. If you applied as an ‘Instructor’, this includes Instructor Liability Insurance (where applicable) for £10m.

Cover is for all Wado Karate related activities organised within the UK membership of the British Wado Federation. Cover does not include training elsewhere and does not allow the use of metal-bladed weapons.

For UK Personal Accident Cover, please contact our main insurance company.
Club Instructor Insurance is only valid within BWF Licenced Clubs that have fully BWF Licenced Participants and Members.

Optional Licence Office Facilities

The British Wado Federation can also offer an optional Wado Licence Office facility for clubs and organisations who do not have (or do not wish to supply) their own Licence Office facilities and require the BWF to supply their members licences on their behalf (whether temporary or permanent).
For this service: Licences are £30 (new issue) and £25 (renewal) per annum (payable to the British Wado Federation) and include all necessary requirements, such as Licence Book, (Instructor & Student) £10m Liability Insurance & BWF Membership Chit, etc.

It is forbidden, under certain International Sport Karate Regulations, to possess a licence with another karate authority. This does not restrict you from training in other karate clubs or styles (if insured by them to do so); however, if you regularly compete, this must be your only active Karate Licence/Grade Record Book.

Please check your BWF Affiliation Status before proceeding with this facility; this option is only available to Affiliated British Wado Federation ‘Associate Memberships’.