BWF Executive Committee

Patron: HRH Prince George Karageorgevitch 1st Dan.

Chairman: Paul Elliott (8th Dan) Kyoshi.

Vice Chairman: Ian Hunter (8th Dan) Kyoshi.

General Secretary: Julie Jeffries 3rd Dan, assisted by Hayley Jeffries 3rd Dan.

Director of Health & Safety: Ian Hunter (8th Dan) Kyoshi.

Licencing Officer, Group Insurance Officer and Treasurer: Oren Teichmann (4th Dan) Tashi.

Events Coordinator: Vacant.

Child Protection: Elizabeth Rayman 1st Dan.

Legal Officers: Neil Bennett 2nd Dan, Elizabeth Rayman 1st Dan.

Affiliations Officers: Paul Elliott Kyoshi, Kevin Hamilton-Stewart Kyoshi.

Director of 1st Aid Coaching: Derry Jarvis 1st Dan.

YĆ«dansha Registrations: Gary E Swift Hanshi.

BWF Technical Committee

Gary E Swift Hanshi. Representing the South/Southwest of England.

Ian Hunter (8th Dan) Kyoshi. Representing the South/Southeast of England.

Kevin Hamilton-Stewart (8th Dan) Kyoshi. Representing the North of England.

Paul Elliott (8th Dan) Kyoshi. Representing the South/Southeast of England.

Website Manager: Peter Collier (2nd Dan)

NB: Committee positions are honorary & unpaid; members give their time freely. The BWF is a non-profit organisation.

BWF Constitution

British Wado Federation Constitution