Optional Black-Belt Syllabus for British Wado Federation Licensed Associate Members

Strictly BWF Yudan Shinsa Syllabus.
It must be noted that all BWF Groups/Clubs who wish the attendance of various BWF Yūdan Panel and/or Committee Members to ‘assist’ or run BWF Member Group Gradings MUST use the official BWF Yūdan Shinsa Syllabus. If groups wish to run Yūdan Shinsa with their own syllabus (which may be unrecognisable to the various panel members) then these gradings must be run by the relevant group grading panel.
Please see BWF Constitution and BWF Yūdan Shinsa requirements.
If you wish to use your own Group Syllabus then you must use your own Group Examiners. 

The BWF Generic Wado Syllabus (1st Dan to 8th Dan).

This is the ONLY syllabus that would be recognised by the British Wado Federation visiting Black-Belt Examination Panel.

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BWF Yudan Shinsa Technical Requirements. 
All videos shown below demonstrated at ‘teaching speed’.